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Pixalto AI.

Easily enhance your images with Pixalto's "Remove Background" feature, isolating the main subject and placing it on a transparent or customized backdrop. Save time and effort with this fast and efficient process, perfect for creating eye-catching visuals without complex photo-editing skills. Discover Pixalto's AI-powered tools for fixing blurry images, reducing noise, and enhancing facial features for a natural and polished look. Say goodbye to red-eye and blemishes as Pixalto transforms your portraits. With the "Separate Face" feature, effortlessly extract individual faces from group photos for various purposes. Experience the power of Pixalto's image editing capabilities today.

Image Coloring:

Turn any photo or image a into coloring page or Colorscape. Create PDF or hard copy coloring books to send and share as gifts.

Image Upscaling:

Try it out and see how it can transform your low-resolution images into stunning, high-quality ones! This will work especially for WhatsApp Images

Face Restoration:

Pixalto's remarkable tool employs advanced AI algorithms to transform your portraits. It corrects blurriness, reduces noise, and enhances facial features, resulting in a polished and natural appearance. Bid farewell to red-eye and blemishes; Pixalto has all your needs covered.

Remove Background:

Pixalto's "Remove Background" feature swiftly isolates your image's main subject and places it on a transparent or customized background. It's a time-saving and efficient process, perfect for creating eye-catching visuals without the need for complex photo-editing skills.

Separate Faces:

Pixalto's "Separate Face" feature is a valuable tool for group photos, allowing you to isolate multiple faces for individual focus, blurring, or removal. Extracting individual faces from a group photo becomes effortless, enabling diverse applications like crafting social media profile pictures or enhancing facial attributes. With Pixalto's "Separate Face," you can effortlessly convert a group photo into a collection of distinct portraits, amplifying its versatility and creative potential.

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